Chop House Lunch Menu

*We use nuts and nut based oils in our food. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know. Our food contains or may contain undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. L U N C H M E N U A V A I L A B L E 1 1 A M - 3 P M CHOP HOUSE B. L .T. tomato, chop-sauce, peppered bacon, lettuce, buttered Texas toast / 11.9 (V without peppered bacon) upgrade to fried green tomato +1 1 / 2 FRIED GROUPER crisp grouper filets, lettuce, tomato, remoulade, 1/2 hoagie roll / 13.7 SMOKED BBQ BEEF BRISKET cheddar, pickled onions, frisee, tomato, toasted brioche bun / 13.7 BACON CHICKEN AVOCADO WRAP dijon aioli, spinach, tomato, flour tortilla / 12.5 VEGGIE WRAP (VEGAN) lettuce, tomato, shaved beets, mandolin cucumbers, sun-dried tomato, marinated artichokes, citrus vinaigrette / 11.9 PORK & F IG lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, toasted brioche / 13.9 SERVED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF FRIES OR FIELD GREENS WITH CITRUS VINAIGRETTE (GF) SUBSTITUTE GLUTEN FREE BUN +1.00 SANDWICHES CHICKEN BUCATINI gorgonzola cream sauce, roasted mushrooms, sweety peppers, grilled chicken / 15.5 PICCATA A LA SICI L IANA (V) butter braised tomato sauce, onions, capers, marinated artichokes, lemon, fresh basil, cavatappi / 15.5 PASTAS SMOKED SALMON NAAN herb goat cheese spread, dill, fried capers / 13.7 VEGETABLE NAAN (V) pomodoro, mozzarella, marinated artichoke, kalamata olives, sweety peppers, basil oil / 11.9 FLATBREADS CHOP HOUSE FAVORITES / (GF) GLUTEN FREE / (V) VEGETARIAN MANDARIN SALAD field greens, oranges, toasted pecans, jicama, green onions, sweety peppers, carrot miso dressing, crisp wonton / 11.9 CHOP’S GRI LLED CAESAR grilled baguette, caesar vinaigrette, anchovies, smoked bacon, pickled onions, shaved parmesan, hard egg / 13.7 SPINACH SALAD (GF) roasted mushrooms, diced egg, peppered bacon, pickled onion, sweety peppers, bacon vinaigrette / 11.9 (V) without peppered bacon & dressing WEDGE SALAD (GF) peppered bacon, creamy gorgonzola, pickled onions, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, sweety peppers, organic roasted red beet, diced egg, peppercorn dressing / 13.7 (V) without peppered bacon & dressing SALADS SALAD ADDITIONS (WOOD-FIRED OR BLACKENED) chicken +6 / shrimp +8 / seared scallops +9 / petite filet* +10 / salmon* +11 / ahi tuna* +11 6/2020 (ADD A CUP OF FRENCH ONION SOUP +3)