Chop House Lunch Menu

Weekend Brunch S A T U R D A Y & S U N D A Y 1 0 A M - 3 P M *We use nuts and nut based oils in our food. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know. Our food contains or may contain undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, oysters or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. CHOP HOUSE FAVORITES / (GF ) GLUTEN FREE / (V) VEGETARIAN L12/2023 served with hash browns or grilled pineapple SOUTHERN CHICKEN & WAFFLES pearl sugar waffles, crispy buttermilk chicken, hot honey maple syrup / 16.2 WAFFLES AND EGGS* pearl sugar waffles, two pieces of nueske bacon, scrambled eggs / 14.9 STEAK AND EGGS* (GF) center-cut bacon wrapped filet, two eggs any style / 32.9 APPLEWOOD BACON & EGGS BREAKFAST FLATBREAD* two eggs over easy, naan bread, spinach, shredded mozzarella, pepper bacon / 13.8 PECAN CREAM CHEESE STUFFED BRIOCHE brioche, house-made pecan filling, citrus maple syrup / 13.5 MORNING BURGER* pepper bacon, fried egg, maple bacon aioli, lettuce, onion, tomato slice / 15.8 CHOP HOUSE OMELETTE* (GF) beef tenderloin, house-made creamed spinach, aged cheddar, swiss cheese / 14.9 CRAB AND BACON OMELETTE* (GF) crab, diced bacon, mushrooms, red peppers, chives, tarragon, lobster cream sauce / 16.5 FRIED GREEN TOMATO SINGLE BENE* (V) pimento cheese, hollandaise, poached eggs / 13.5 +4 additional fried green tomato benedict SMOKED SALMON SINGLE BENE* creamed spinach, hollandaise, fresh chives, poached eggs / 15.8 +6 additional smoked salmon benedict STEAK & CRAB CAKE SINGLE BENE* filet tips, crab cake, poached eggs, bearnaise sauce / 17.9 +8 additional steak & crab benedict BRISKET TACOS avocado, scrambled egg, cheese, fresh pico, flour tortilla / 14.9 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES (V) chop sauce, horseradish crème fraîche, marinated sun-dried tomatoes / 12.9 BURNT ENDS charred beef brisket ends, potato, cheddar, BBQ aioli / 14.9 FRENCH ONION SOUP house-made, baguette, parmesan cheese, gruyère cheese / 7.9 CHI LLED JUMBO SHRIMP (GF) old bay & lemon poached, fresh horseradish cocktail sauce / 14.5 AHI TUNA TARTARE* sushi grade tuna, avocado & mango fresca, basil oil, mandarin oranges, citrus soy / 16.9 (GF upon request) MINI OSSOBUCO braised pork ossobuco, sour cherry balsamic glaze and basil / 18.9 BAKED MEATBALLS all beef meatballs, house marinara, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese / 12.9 OYSTER ROCKEFELLER* cream spinach, bacon, parmesan cheese, hollandaise, breadcrumbs / 22 APPETIZERS Chop House Lunch A V A I L A B L E E V E R Y D A Y 1 1 A M - 3 P M SIDES GARLIC WHIPPED POTATOES (GF & V) STEAK FRIES (V) SEASONED RICE (GF & V) ROASTED MUSHROOMS (GF & V) BROCCOLI (GF & V) ASPARAGUS (GF & V) CREAMED SPINACH (V) SEA SALT RUBBED BAKED POTATO (GF & V) BACON-ASIAGO BRUSSELS SPROUTS